Orange releases a European exclusive research,
‘Exposure 2011’

Now in its fourth year, the study, conducted by TNS, includes tablet usage in the measurement of how mobile media users in the UK, France, Spain and Poland are engaging with mobile content and the mobile Internet.
The data is fused with the TGI database, illustrating thereby how, where and why mobile users access content, information and entertainment. This gives brands exclusive intelligence from Orange across a range of sectors to help them better engage with their audiences.


Orange Exposure 2011 study reveals some striking differences in behavior between mobile and tablet usage

  • respondents are more likely to use smartphones to ‘kill time’ whereas they are more likely to use tablets to ‘save time’ (an average grade of 7 on 10 for both devices)
  • tablet users were 50% more likely to purchase online than mobile users
  • 60% of tablet users have made at least one ‘m-commerce’ transaction compared to 47% of mobile users
  • 91% of users think it’s important that the sites they access on their mobile are brands they know and trust

key findings in the UK

  • UK mobile media users: 54% are male, 53% are 16-34, 72% are working
  • 79% of UK mobile media users pay monthly, 53% have an unlimited data package
  • tablet usage is more akin to PC usage with 95% usage at home
  • 35% of tablet users are watching on demand content, 40% are watching streaming content and 39% are ‘watching TV’
  • 15% decrease in PC usage in the UK
  • mobile has a positive impact on other usages: 20% feel they browse on the PC more and 15% read more online newspapers
  • 76% of mobile media users use their mobile browser to access content as opposed to 59% using a mobile apps
  • 78% tablet users access the Internet via search compared to 64% who do so via apps

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